20. and 21.9.2019: Flight, arrival and first day

20.9.2019: My flight with Ethiopian Airlines first goes over night to Adis Abeba ...


 ... and early afternoon further to Tansania, to the volcano land between Kilimandscharo ...


 ... and Mount Meru. 

Kilimandscharo (5.895 m, left) and Mount Meru (4.566 m, right). 

Mount Meru

Arrival on the Kilimandscharo airport. Our huge Ethiopian plane is the only one here.


21.9.2019. A tasty breakfast - outside in front of my "luxury tent"

The mountain bike I brought with me is re-assembled, re-inflated and ready for the first ride.

Relaxing at the "Nature homes", inmidst a light umbrella-acaia forest, with view to Mount Meru.

Neema, taking care of the guests accomodated in the 2 houses and two permanent tents. She and her team make the rooms and prepare breakfast and dinner.

Getting a first whiff of the Momella hospital.

If you dry your bedding on a spiny acacia, you don´t need clips; it will get small holes though, but nobody takes care here.

Some trees are inhabited.

Am späteren Nachmittag Late afternoon, I start to a short "Nature walk", with a group of helpers in the project and the guide Remtula.

Goats flee when we approach.

We walk along the border of the Arusha National park, easily discernable by the aisle in the vegetation and the large bollards.

Good view into the National Park from this hill ...

 ... also to the small Momella lake. The two Momella lakes, situated inside the Arusha National park, are the largest of a number of small ponds and lakes between the foothills of Mount Meru. The water is heavily mineralized and alkaline, so it is not verya well suited for drinking or watering fields.

The sun now disappears behind Mount Meru, ... 

 ... but still illuminating Kilimandscharo. 

Last evening light on Kilimandscharo. 

Dr. Cornelia Wallner-Frisee, the leader of the Africa Amini Alama project, has prepared a nice surprise to us. A table with drinks and cakes, and ...

 ... a group of locals of the Meru tribe dancing ...

 ... with participants of the walk.