6.1.2017: Momella Lakes and Market day in Ngare Nanjuki

My tour up Mount Meru originally was scheduled for 4 days. Having shortcut the schedule, I have one day permit left in the National park. Monishi, the driver of Africa Amini Life, brings me to the gate, awe drive around the Momella lakes for about 2 hours.

Kilimandscharo is beautiful once more today.

First we drive to a place with a wonderful overview to the lakes - and with Kilimandscharo behind.

360 degree panoramic picture from the view over the Momella lakes. Kilimandscharo behind the Momella lakes, Meru to the right. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Mount Meru. The first day ascent leads through the grassy areas at the base of the mountain.

Kilimandscharo once more begins to "float"

Small Momella lake in front, big Momella lake in behind.

Kilimandscharo soon will disappear.

Momella Seen and the "floating" Kilimandscharo.

We drive now down to the lakes. This is the small Momella See ...

 ... and we have a short stop for pictures.

Small Momella lake, Kilimandscharo

Panoramic picture of the small Momella lake. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Small Momella lake, Mount Meru.

Further on to the big Momella lake.

Panoramic picture of the big Momella lake. The white crest on the shore is crystallized natron. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Sometimes, huge amounts of Lesser flamingos (Phoeniconaias minor) are covering the Momella lakes. At the moment, the amount is reduced every day, only this goup standing in the water on the opposite side of the lake.

Lesser flamingos on the big Momella lake. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

On the way back we see a few Greater flamingosīs (Phoenicopterus roseus) standing in the small Momella lake.

Back in Momella. I wait at the restaurant for the driver to bring me to the weekly market in the neighbouring village of Ngare Nanjuki, together with Austrian girl.

Many different things are sold here, mainly food. Grain and legumes laying around on tarpaulins, ...

 ... bananas(the green ones are cooked before eating), ...

 ... Mangos (I bought 14 Mangos from this woman and brought them to Austria. You cannot buy such aromatic and delicious fruits in Austria ...

 ... Sugar cane.

In another area, clothes are sold, ...

 ... and here, living animals are dealt with. This isnīt poor sharpness of the picture, it is lots of dust in the air, ...

 ... which is spiralled up at times in dust devils.

Mount Meru in the background

Individual electric power supply is in great demand here. You have to load your mobile phone somewhere.

Passenger transportation looks improvisational ... private Bus companies work a bit different in Austria.