3.1.2017: Mount Meru Day 1 - Ascent to the Miriakamba Hut.

Three days mountain walk to Mount Meru, with guide, porters and cook, a unique little expedition.

The weather looks primising today - only a few clouds on Meru.

At 9 a.m. a driver from Africa Amini Life picks me up and drives me to the nearby gate of the Arusha National park. Giraffe on the way there.

Tariffs show huge differences between east Africans and all other people (2.000 Tsh = 1 US $).

At the gate I meet my ranger and guide, and the walk starts directly from here.

Ranger Oswald, called"Olsi"

Beck in a deep ravine

A few minutes later a wonderful pasture with African_buffalos (Syncerus caffer) ...

 ... and Giraffe (Maasai - Giraffe, Giraffa tippelskirchi).

View back over the grassland. Far left the buildings of the health centre in Momella.

More grassland along the ascent

Ranger Olsi and a porter. I only had my day rucksack with me, so I handed over my suitcase (mainly water and warm clothing) to the porters, expecting that they would put my gear into a rucksack, but no ... Africa is different.

More Giraffe.

A huge banana plant growing in this ravine. As a comparison: Olsi already standing on the bridghe.

A bit higher now. It is increasingly hot now, and Kilimandscharo is wrapped in clouds.

A short rest in the shadow. Huge St. John´s worts, large like bushes.

The flowers however are extremely similar to European St. John´s wort´s species.

A white-necked raven (Corvus albicollis) is rather interested in our lunch package.

Resting in the shadow.

Further up on shady forest paths ...


 ... until we reach the Miriakamba hut after about 3 hours´ walk.

There is a view platform here, ...

 ... with more ravens.

View to Mount Meru summit from the platform. still damned far ...

View back down to ...

 ... the Momella lakes. Far left the green roofs of the Africa Amini Alama health centre.

White-necked Ravens.

Africa Amini Alama

These huts have 8 rooms with 2 bunkbeds each, thus room for 32 people. Not much of a rush today, so I have a room for my own.

After a comfortable afternoon´s sleep I manage to just get up in time for this stunning spectacle: Sunset on Kilimandscharo. Momella lakes in the valley to the right.

Kilimandscharo in last sunlight.