31.12.2016: Driving back from the safari and New Year celebration in the Maasai Lodge.

After a second night on the camping ground in the morning we start the drive back to Momella. My storage card is full, so only a few pictures from the drive.

Here a nice view to Lake Manyara, close to the Camping ground.

Shortly before Momella we have a last stop for a short picknick. Mount Meru, as seen from Northeast.

A deep ravine near our picknick place reveals the latest eruptive phases of Mount Meru - layers with solidified vocanic ashes with embedded lava rocks.

Eating while staning. Charles, Andrea, Kerstin, Katharina, Peter and our cook.

Evening scenes near the Maasai Lodge. It takes several hours to copy the files from my SD card to the mobile storage drive I brought with me (a heartily thank you to Lesse, the manager of the Maasai Lodge, who made copying possible in his office). Fortunately I have my small Nikon Coolpix in the lodge, so I can take pictures of this beautiful evening.

Sunset behind Mount Meru. The pointed peak far right on the horizon is Mount Mukuru - tomorrow´s goal.

After sunset, the Maasai begin to sing and dance on one of the hills.

Unbelievable rhythms are conjured up in excellent mood and tune. The is held constantly throughout the songs. Many professional choirs in Austria are not able to do this.

And dancing to that singing  ...

 ... and marching around.

Atfer an excellent dinner the feast is resumed at the fire.