28.12.2016: One more day in Momella.

In the morning around the tent - today, Mount Meru is free. Unbelieveable, that the summit is 3.000 m higher than here.

I caught one of the morning "noisers": a Hadeda ibis (Bostrychia hagedash).

Acacia forest and Meru

My tent with the breakfast served on the table.

Toilet and shower, which you have to get used to. Better take the hot shower before sunset, because it gets rather cold and windy afterwards - not very comfortable then.

I took lots of pictures in the Health Centre in Momella depicting all the machines to answer the question if they can be connected to the computer system that is planned.

Afterwards, I relax at lunchtime at the restaurant, which is visited by animals too.

In the afternoon, I try to read my E-mails at the library, which is a bit time consuming (laptop with empty battery and none of the loading devices fits).

Walking around a bit.

Back at my tent, I enjoy the evening. As occurs so frequently, Mount Meru is wrapped in clouds. Therefore it serves as an important water source all around at its foothills.