2.Juli 2014 - A boat trip to Waxholm

Today - on the last day - the sun is out at last. In the morning, I leave the Stallmästaregarden hotel, which is situated nicely at the Brunnsviken.

The entrance to this more than 350 years old hotel.

View from behind the hotel to the lake.

Early afternoon, after the course, which ends a bit earlier today. The opposite side of the hotel (the yellow hose) is not as nice. If you book a room there, do insist on a room to the atrium or the lake side. The weather still is nice, but heavy clouds are towering.

45 miuntes later, at the jetty near Nybroviken. The thunderclouds  ...

 ... are approaching.

Our boat.

It isn´t going to be that nice ...

Dense rain over there.

Junibacken and the Vasa - Museum.

View to the old town ...

 ... with the king´s castle (background right)

Vasa - Museum

We leave the Nybroviken harbour.


Several huge cruise liners and ferry boats, connecting big cities along the Baltic Sea, mainly in Finnland, Germany and the Baltic states.

View back to the old town.


A cruise liner for a change.

The rain has overhauled us.

Fortunately, I can keep under the roof of the quarterdeck being still outside and getting a good view. Still, at times, I have to clean a few droplets from the lense.

A bit outside Stockholm - now begins the typical scenery of the archipelago: granite rocks inmidst the sea, forest and - lots of holiday homes.

Sailing through the archipelago for an hour or so, you get the impression of half Stockholm possessing a holiday home there.

View back to the city.

Big houses are situated inmidst large parks.

Others within the forest.

Rocky "whalebacks", forest and holiday homes along our journey to Vaxholm.

A proud sailor.

More showers.

Small islands and peninsulas.

Many people have boats, so there are houses even on the smallest islands.


Here, there is a fortress for Stockholm´s defense against invaders from the sea, founded by King Gustav Wasa (1496-1560).

We surround the fortress to ...

 ... land at Vaxholm ...

 ... from the backside.

Many passengers enter the boat here, which have left it at earlier tours to see Vaxholm. Our boat is the last of the day, however, so we have to stay on board.

Sailing back ... another...

 ... rain shower, ...

 ... producing a nice little rainbow.

Sun and clouds ...

Tiny island ...

 ... being home for many birds.

Park near the water

Another impressive shower cloud.

Off they go to Finland ...

Nearer to Stockholm, the houses are bigger and more sophisticated.

A small "birds island" near Stockholm ...

 ...  with only a single small house.

The ship outreaches the island in height.

Another cloud tower ...

Old windmill.

Back to Stockhom.