29.6./1.7.: Flight and an Evening at Brunnsviken.

The course starts in the morning, so I take the afternoon flight on Sunday 29.6.

Shortly after the start we are flying over Wiener Neudorf and Mödling.

Hinterbrühl, to the right of the highway is Gießhübl

Some of the 100.000 Swedish lakes can be seen at landing.

We are flying over Stockholm, but rather directly, so I cannot take a picture that steep down. The airport of Arlanda is rahter far to the North, half way between Stockholm and Uppsala.

In Stockholm it is overcast today, regrettably.

1.7.2014: Yesterday´s evening was dedicated to a dinner in a fine Italian restaurant with the course leader, professor Lars Egevad, and the other course participants. Today, after the course, we did a short tour to the city centre. The hotel is situated directly at a beautiful lake named Brunnsviken, which is surrounded by a huge park. As it does not get dark in Stockholm at this time of the year, I go for a walk along the lake, as late as 9:30 p.m.

The Karolinska University Hospital. I choose the hotel Stallmästaregarden, because it is very close to my course location.

Lots of boats at Brunnnsviken.

Evening impressions at the lake.

Once more the Karolinska University hospital, this time seen from the opposite side of the lake.