Walk 22.1.2009

Yesterday it rained nearly all day, Today it is getting clearer, so I start for a morning walk.

Dowb here the rain hast molten the few snow.

View to ruin Emmerberg with Hohe Wand behind, covered with freshly fallen snow.

Sonnwendstein in the distance

Schneeberg has receiverd a new white clothing.

Frauen beck

Winzendorf with the quarry, with Hohe Wand behind.

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand

Bad Fischau-Brunn

Weikersdorf´s church in backlight.


Winzendorf and Hohe Wand

Horse chestnut alley

Prosset beck still partially frozen.

The ice is breaking fast however.

Sheila don´t bother.

A glimpse on Schneeberg from this point.

Muthmannsdorf´s marble quarry up beneath the ridge.

Droughty rape field viewing to Bad Fischau-Brunn. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Back in Winzendorf.