Walk 13.11.2007

When I look out of the window this morning, everything is white, and it is snowing densely. In a few hours a complete cover of snow is formed, at least about 5 cm thick, but enough to completely change thge appearance of the surroundings. At noon the sky is clearing up, and nothing holds me back, so I start for a short walk with Sheila.

View to Fischauer Berge

It is still too warm for snow, so of course the puddles remaining from recent heavy rain are not covered with snow.

Winzendorf und ruin Emmerberg, Hohe Wand behind: much more snow there of course.

Winzendorf´s disused limestone quarry

Heading for Wechsel/Semmering. Dense clouds hanging in the mountains.


The country lane leading from Winzendorf to Weikersdorf

Once more the Semmering region

Frauen beck

View in southwestern direction. Schneeberg should be seen in the background, if it were not covered by clouds

The small forest near Frauen beck

Sheila runs riot on the fields ...

 ... and in the beck..

Nice to get rid of the water, eh?

Afterwards, you urgently need another opportunity to get dirty.

Sudden dramatic light changes have wrapped Wiener Neustadt in dark blue shadow, whereas the sun is shining here.

Between the trees you can see the spire of Weikersdorf´s church.

Back near the first houses of Winzendorf ...

Once more the view over the grass und fields behind Frauen beck: ...

 ... some corn fields waiting for crop still.

Frauen beck