18.9.2017 - Olbia

Relaxing at the hotel in the morning, the afternoon is spent with a bit shopping in Olbia.

We find a large car park at the harbour.

Not very beautiful typical Italian houses.

I "park" my wife in the bag shop and go for a walk in the town.

This storefront is tiled with granite - rather expensive, but taken from a rather close area.

A closed railway gate. There are railways in Sardinia - the capital Cagliari is some hundred kilometres afar.

Canal - or should I call it "river"?

Palm alley ...

 ... with interesting views to the bizarre granite mountains to the North of Olbia.

Last evening sunshine

Nice tiled "City square"

A short detour to the harbour.

View to the small island of Isola Tavolara to the east of Sardinia, with limestone mountains up to 564 m asl - nicely lit in the evening sun.

Waking back to the bag shop.

Italians must be sporty - the cross-walk ends at the guardrail without a pavement.