6.2.2014 - A sleigh ride before our departure

Family Friedl has suggested a horse sleigh ride for our departure day.

Our hotel manager has ordered the sleigh of the neighbouring Zechmannhof, which picks us up at the hotel.

A dull start of the day, it had snowed a very slight bit. Once again, some clouds have managed to cross the central Alpine ridge and deposit small leftovers of moisture.

Although these clouds are still hangin over the ski areras ...

 ... they begin to divide ...

 ... and the lower slopes of the Scheichenspitze are visible.

The wheels of the sleigh have been lifted by use of a simple crank, now we are gliding on snow.

Short break for a chat with the collegue from the other sleigh.

Restarting soon.

The sun has started to dissolve the clouds.

The protestant church of Ramsau. The Ramsau parish, not least to its remote location, has resisted the counter-reformation and remained protestant. Till nowadays, as opposed to the majority of Austria´s population, most people in Ramsau are protestants.

We are gliding on snow in parallel to the cross country ski track.

Old farm house

Odessa, the Gordon Setter of the coachman´s familiy, is allowed to run besides and around the sleigh, as long as we are gliding on snow.

Now we are rolling on the wheels on the road. ...

The plates remind us that the region is an internation ski centre which has seen one Nordic and two Alpine ski world championships.

When we are moving on the road, Odessa is well-behaved sitting on the coach box besides the coachman.


Ramsau-Kulm, with the view to the Scheichenspitze. The mist has risen a considerable amount.

We now have turned into the large high plain of Vorderberg.

Onthe southern slopes, nearly all snow has molten.

The clouds have begun to draw back to the summit regions of the central Apine ridge.

Old farm houses ...

 ... and new cattle ...

Trying to warm from inside.

A short break.

Our horses´ home, Zechmannhof, which hase turned to a sun power plant. good thing regarding weather situations like the kind of we experienced on our holiday.

Must be horrible gales up there tearing apart those clouds.

The horses are out on the paddock whole year.

Back at the hotel. Clouds still hanging on Scheichenspitze and Dachstein.

At times, however, the summit appears, ...

 ... as well as the one on Dachstein.

Saying farewell now and "have a nice journey"!

And Odessa looking for new adventure.