5.2.2014 - A cross country skiing afternoon

The morning once more was spent on the Reiteralm for Alpine skiing. Weather and views were identical to yesterday, so I left the camera at home. After a small lunch, we start for cross country skiing in the afternoon.

Still the same foen weather, and a similar evening scenery on the high plateau of Ramsau/Vorderberg. The sidled condensation trail shows the wave-like air streams during the foen weather situation. I donīt suppose the airoplane has taken such curves!

The track is in a good condition here ...

 ... here there is a bit less snow.

Lentiform foen clouds

The view to the Planai.

Our keen cross country skiers: Gerhard, Julia, Klara, Marlene and Valentin.

Last evening sunlight

Last evening sunlight on Dachstein and Scheichenspitze - both now completely devoid of clouds.

Zooming in on the three Dachstein summits.

View down to the Enns valley - upstream.

Lentiform foen clouds

Sunset behind the foen clouds.