4.2.2014 - Skiing on the Reiteralm

A beautiful skiing day on the Reiteralm - three hours in the morning are sufficient to get really tired.

For a change, this morning Dachstein and Scheichenspitze are out of clouds.

But still foen clouds on the main Alpine ridge.

After an hour, the scenery is similar: foen clouds, though still behind the Dachstein summit.

May I introduce you to the three summit of Dachstein: Torstein (2.948 m), Mitterspitz (2.925 m), and Hoher Dachstein (2.995 m), the latter being Styria´s highest summit.

On the piste of the Reiteralm, the view now goes over the Enns valley: Far left the Bischofsmütze (2.458 m), then the more rounded summit of the Rötelsteins (2.247 m), followed by Dachstein.

Dachstein. In ther foreground to the right the Rittisberg, where we were for skiing the day before yesterday.

The Bischofsmütze ("mitre") has its name from the characteristic shape of its double-summit looking like the mitre of a catholic bishop.

Foen clouds building up ...

 ... behind Dachstein. Scheichenspitze (2.667 m) to the right, also belonging to the Dachstein massive, in betwenn is Koppenkarstein (2.863 m), withthe summit in clouds.

A bit less foen clouds to the south today. View from the summit station of the cable car to Rippeteck (2.126 m) and Schober (2.133 m).

View downb the Enns valley Hochwurzen and Planai to the right.


View down the Enns valley. The prominent mountain in the centre is Grimming (2.351 m), in the background and sunlit the Totes Gebirge, Haller Mauern and the mountains of the Gesäuse.

To the west there is Hochkönig (2.941 m) left and Tennengebirge right.

Bischofsmütze and Rötelstein ...

 ... and once more clouds on the Dachstein.

View from the summit station to southwest - the mountains around Obertauern.

We have a try for the very steep slope depicted with black symbols (difficult) In its uppermost part, the inclination (according to the information plate) is 41 degree! Julia Friedl checks the Situation ...

 ... and Gerhard looks skeptical too ...

 ... but then he has a ready go!

Does not look too difficult from beneath ...

View down the Enns valley.

Ski huts on the way ...

Once more tackling the steep ...

Ski huts of Reiteralm and the Dachstein.

Downhill to the valley now ...

In the dale, the sunlit slopes even are devoid of snow. Crazy to imagine that 30 or 50 km air line to the south the snow is 2 metres high - on Northern and Southern slopes!