1.2.2014 - Evening Walk on the arrival day

Even on our arrival day we learn which kind of weather will be prevailing all time of our holiday: Foen.

The view from the balcony in the dighest floor of the hotel, to Southeast ove the Enns valley to the skiing centre of Planai (left). On the main Alpine ridge, here represented by the Niedere Tauern, permanent hanging dense clouds. To their North, the sunny "foen window" ist constantly situated over the Enns valley and the high plateau of Ramsau. Dachstein in the North most time (but not always) is also wrapped in clouds in its upper part.

Skiing areas of Hochwurzen (left) and Reiteralm (right), the cloud-wrapped main ridge of the Niedere Tauern in behind (this situation persisted till our departure, which is qhite unusual - usually the foen breaks down after a few days. Our hotel to the right. The cross country ski run is passing by here.

On the opposite side, top the North: The Dachstein wrapped in clouds, the Scheichenspitze being a bit lower, is partially free. We walk up the road to the North for a short leg.

View to Reiteralm


An old farm building in Vorderberg, with the Scheichenspitze and the cloud-wrapped Dachstein.

After our return I walk along the cross country ski run. Wonderful evening scenery now.

Only little snow and nearly permanent thaw (at least at daytime) - regarding that at the same time at the opposite side of these mountains in the Lungau and especially in Carinthia, there is fresh snow up to 2 metres during the recent days!

View to the Planai, to its left is the fourth local skiing centre on the Hauser Kaibling.

Scheichenspitze, the rounded summit to its right is the Sinabell (2.349 m).


A small rain shower over the Enns valley to the east makes up for a rainbow. At times, a few clouds manage to draw over the ridge, but they donīt contain much moisture.

Intensifying rainbow ...


180 degree panoramic view from Ramsau/Vorderberg over the Enns valley to the foen-cloud covered Niedere Tauern. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Back at the hotel, another view to the Dachstein.

I walk through the snow a bit upwards ...

 ... to get the full view of the Dachstein massive.

The sun is sinking now ...

 ... more and more ...


 ... at last leaving only a narrow zone of light near the summit region.

Sunset over the Enns dale.