Bicycle tour Offenegg 18.10.2006

Today I donīt have much time. I start at 4.30 p.m. from a bit above Oberschuetzen to a very short tour leading me shortly behind Offenegg, about 20 km, but with about 200 m ascent.

This route I nearly always rode down fast. So I did not realize the interesting glimpse to ...

 ... Bernstein castle.

Long shadows already...

 ... but still some sunny, warm places.

Once more a view to Bernstein, this time as seen from Aschau.

Panoramic view in eastern direction from a bit above Aschau. Click into the picture for a larger version.

View a bit further in direction Richtung Offenegg.

Oilseed rape fields ...

 ... are fascinating ...

 ... once more today.

Deep evening sun. View back in direction Aschau

The branching to Schmiedrait

Fields and forests in evening light...

 ... and meadows

Late autumnal pasture on a forage meadow.

The very long dry period has turned winter seed blades reddish. Offenegg in the backdrop, ...

 ... with its beautiful "good bye" - signboard

View from the highest point of my ride in western direction. Wechsel in the background


Brown leaves in the evening light.

Hochneukirchen. The sunlight is now fading, also due to a high cloud carpet coming in from the West

Back at the car, after a speedy downhill race. Sunset shortly above Oberschuetzen.