Bicycle Tour Oberwart 19.4.2006

Mild temperatures up to 18 C, however overcast. A short bicycle ride leads me from Oberwart to Buchschachen, then to Riedlingsdorf and via Oberschuetzen and Unterschuetzen back to Oberwart, about 35 km.

In the forest near Buchschachen: Periwinkle

Catkins and first leaves on birches. The fields however still are bleak.

In a forest near Oberschuetzen thousands of wood anemones (Anemone nemorosa)

View from the western outskirts of Oberschuetzen to Sixtina - spring, Styrian Masenberg in the distance.

The last houses of Oberschuetzen

Fruit trees are still bleak, ...

the willows however have young leaves. In the background on the horizon to the right the snow covered summits of Hochwechsel. All in all today´s  weather was hazy, so only a few fotos.