29.3.2013: Another drive to the Amalfi coast, this time on a partly different route

Sunshine at last, and we decide to do a scond drive along the Amalfi coast, this time on a slightly different route.

Morning ligh on Vesuvius.


The beach and the small boat haven near our hotel.

We drive to Castellamare di Stabia, immediately after the first tunnel we branch off to the righ and take the SS 366 direction Gragnano and further on into the mountains. In the distance Naples and Vesuvius.

Panoramic view to Naples and Vesuvius, from the SS 366 direction Agerola. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

At 700 m altitude, there is a long tunnel, and we have reached the other side. We pass through Agerola, situated in a lovely high dale. Then, all of a sudden, the world seems to have an end ...

 ... and we look from 600 m altitude down to the sea.

Unbelievable to cultivate those steep slopes and build settlements. Must be due to a special microclimate protected by the mountains.

Down the slope to the sea, in narrow curves

Small villages and hamlets on the way down.


Steep escarpments down to the sea.

The isle of Capri in the distance, and to the left the famous Faraglioni.

Approaching the sea.

Amalfi, panoramic picture from the main square with the cathedral. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

View down from the staircase to the cathedral

 ... and from the entrance.

The girls go for shopping and coffee drinking, in the meantime I go for a little walk.

The former stree was along the rocks, but now there is a tunnel

Narrow gorge at the Tunnel portal.

I walked the footpath along the rock wall.

The small haven.

Hotels are adhered o the escarpment.

A multilevel hotel has its parking space on the roof - which can be entered level from the street. From here you have a wonderful view to ...

 ... The haven of Amalfi.

Beneath this footpath ...

 ... a stepp staircase leads down.

Arrived at sea level. The bathing place of the roof-garage-hotel is difficult to reach.

The gorge as seen from beneath. The mountains go up to 1.300 m.


180 degree panoramic view of Amalfi, as seen from one of the Piers. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.


Amalfi, centre right is the cathedral.

A second 180 degree panoramic picture of Amalfi, taken from the other Pier. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Some brave (or mad) people are already bathing. Must be English!

The medevian defense tower, in private property today. Vietato intrare.

From there, you get a nice view to the next cove with the village of Atrani.

On the other side of the large gulf of Salerno the view goes to the Cilento mountains, air-line between 60 and 80 km.

View back to Amalfi.

We drive back now heading for Positano and Sorrent, this time along the sea.

Capo di Conca.

Approaching Positano.

Panoramic picture of Positano. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

More hotels to be entered via the roof.

Back on the hill down to Sorrent, and we drive a short while up the SS 145 to Colli fontanelli. Here you get a fine view of both sides of the Sorrent peninsula. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Sorrento and Vesuvius.

We make a pause in Sorrento. Orange trees as an alley- where else did you see that?

We enjoy a coffee in this street cafe. If you turn around here in level ground ...

 ... and look over the balustrade, you look down into a yawning abyss with a street squeezed into. leading down to the harbour.

Moped parks are even more important here than car parks. If you want to move around fast (and cheaply) in this environment, better buy a moped and use the centre of the street between the two traffic lines, like the Italians do.