26.3.2013 Amalfi coast

The weather has more deteriorated, with rain during the night. We opt for a day in the car - so we have a refuge and donīt get drenched ...

First we drive to Sorrento and branch off there heading for Positano and Amalfi. The coast here is extrremely steep, the Lattari mountains are dropping steeply into the sea.

But even the bad weather is nice here.

Spurge is flowrishing here - I did not have time to designate them..

Steep cliffs directly to the sea.

Home drawn citrus fruits are sold in many places along the road.

Behind this corner is Positano.

View back to Positano. It is rather difficult to find a place to park inside.

Short tunnels in some places ...

 ... especially on the sides of deep gorges like this one.

The mountains are wrapped in clouds today.

Rather windy too, with rough sea.

The road has been cut out of the rocks in places. A short driving error may end wet ...

Grotta Smeraldo (a coast cave with blue light effects) is closed today because of the high waves. We wouldnīt have visiting it as we have seen lots of similar caves in Zakynthos in Greece.


180 degree panoramic picture of Amalfi, as seen from the Pier. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.


Once more Amalfi. The light rain does not bother us.

Amalfi with hogh waves.

Driving further heading for Salerno. Here it is still beautiful, but not so spectacular as before.

This hotel is entered from the road by first getting to the roof.

Vietri sul Mare - here the steep coast ...

 ... comes to an end. Behind the town is the gulf of Salerno. We donīt drive to Salerno, but branch off to the highway A3 in direction Naples, which we leave at Castellamare to get back to Seiano.