24.3.2013: A day trip to the isle of Capri

The weather is still bright. So we drive to Sorrent and enter the fast boat to Capri.

Morning impressions of the cove of Seiano

The air is so clear today, that you can see that Vesuvius has a crater.

After crossing a small hill we get a fine view over Sorrento.

Panoramic view of the cove of Sorrento. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Ischia in the background.

Sorrent is situated on nearly flat ground, but about 30 m above sea level on nearly vertical cliffs.

A guarded car park near the haven. Here, we park our car - for 20 Euro a day. We are ordered to keep the key in the car. The cars are adjusted close together by the personnel, so thy need the key if one needs a car inside. Much too less space here, as everywhere around.

Our boat is approaching ...

 ... and off we go.

View back to Sorrento.

Sorrent with Monte Faito in behind, far left on the cliffs is Vico Equense,"our" cove of Seiano is hidden behind the cliffs.

Capri is greeting with high cliffs ...

 ... but a nice haven and village behind - the town of Capri.

Behidn this mountain, Monte Solaro, is the second village of the island, Anacapri - you can see the road in the escarpment to the right.

Capri haven

View back to Vesuvius

We take the able car to reach the upper part of the town, the historic centre.

Passing by gardens with citric fruit trees.


Panoramic view from the summit station of the cable car - looking to Monte Solaro and the haven Marina grande. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The main square, in close proximity to the cable car.

Once more a panorama of Capri town. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

We take one of the small buses (big ones could not pass the narrow curves) to visit Anacapri. View from the drive down to Marina grande ...

 ... and Capri Town. You should be free from giddiness when driving here.

The Sorrento peninsula in behind.

SAtreet cafe in Anacapri. Those succulents are growing in our winter garden - but not as high, of course.

The girls want to go for shopping, so I generously get a single hour of free time which I spend taking the chair lift up Monte Solaro.

An airy journey, first over the gardens of Anacapri, ...

 ... and up more and more ...

 ... to the summit. Here, at an altiude of 589 m, the isle cuts down in high escarpments to the sea. Before the coast the famous three "Faraglioni" - rock towers of up to 100 m height.

View to Naples and Vesuvius.

Anacapri and Ischia

Here, a small piece of nature has been preserved.

Panoramic view from Monte Solaro to Capri Town, behind the Sorrento pensinsula, Vesuvius to the left. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The escarpment on the south side of Monte Solaro.

Broad leaved anemone (Anemone hortensis)

Sternanemone (Anemone hortensis)

Naples and Vesuvius.

Zooming in on the Faraglioni


An aery descent back to Anacapri.

Vesuvius in the distance.

After a leisurely coffee in the haven we walk back to the jetty. In the meantime, clouds have drawn in.

On the way back to Sorrento.

25.3.2013: In the morning, the strees is wet, and the weather is much worse than yesterday. We take the narrow track municipal railway "Circumvesuviana" to Naples from the stop at Seiano. Today, I leave the camera in the hotel because of possible rain, and on the other hand, Naples centre is said to be a bit unsafe regarding street robbery.