21.4.2011: Walking the mountains Sis and Gorica in the North of Cres

I drive about an hour top the North of Cres. Here, the road leads up the mountains to a place on the ridge, which makes up of nearly all of the island in this region. Here, a good footpath starts to the summit of the mountain Sis (639 m).

Panoramic view to the south from half way up. In the background to the left the isle of Krk. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Griffon Vultures are sailing in the thermals.

The ascent goes on a slope densely grown with salvia. To the left behind the drystone wall is a light oak forest.

From the summit of Sis viewing to Gorica, with 648 m a slight bit higher and the highest summit of the isle of Cres.

Viewing over to the isle of Krk ...

 ... and a bit more south..

Here is the view to Northeast over the Kvarner Cove.

Approaching Gorica.

Terracina Spurge (Euphorbia terracina)

You won´t believe that this tiny plant is a big problem as a neophyte in California

Light oak forests like this one once covered most of the islands and coasts of Croatia. Only few reminders have been left, like this one. All the rest has been cut down by the Venecias, who built their city on oak pickets. For instance, only the one church of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice ist built on 1,1 billions of oak pickets.

Arrived on the summit of Gorica I have to notice that the view is restricted to many sides due to the forerst. This is one of the few glimpses, to the Istria peninsula and to the Uvala Plomin - fjord.

View to Northwest and the mountains of Istria.

Kvarner Cove, in the background in the dust the city of Rijeka.

Southern panoramic picture from the summit of Gorica. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Young oak leaves

Etwas unter dem Gipfel geht der Blick über die Kvarner Bucht.

Junges Grün auf den Bäumen

Jetzt sieht man Rijeka viel besser.

Rehcts die Insel Krk, im Hintergrund das Kroatische Festland.

Panoramabild der Kvarner Bucht, von der Gorica (Cres) aus gesehen. Hierher oder ins Bild klicken für eine größere Darstellung.



Zurück auf dem Sis. Südliches Panorama vom Gipfel des Sis (639 m). Hierher oder ins Bild klicken für eine größere Darstellung.


Auf dem Rückweg sehe ich nun das, was ich am Aufstieg nicht gesehen habe: Orchideen der Art Armblütiges Knabenkraut (Orchis pauciflora)

Bei der Rückfahrt fasziniert mich der Blick auf die kleine Ortschaft Predoscica