20.4.2011: To the mountain church of Sveti Ivan and a boat trip to Ilovik

A narrow asphalted road leads from Mali Losinj on the ridge in the south and further on to the south cape of Losinj. Here I ride up the first kilometres with my mountain bike.

On the first part of the ridge I stop to enjoy the wiew down to the town. Osorcica in the background.

Panoramic picture from the same location. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

I ride further on to the mountain church of Sveti Ivan. Nice view down to Veli Losinj from here.

Veli Losinj and the southernmost East coast of Losinj. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The church Sveti Ivan (St. Stevenīs)

In the afternoon, we have booked a tourist boat to the "flower island" of Ilovik. The ship is just leaving the jetty.

A bit more outside, the big liners.

Mali Losinj ...

 ... and from a bit afar.

We have to sail rather far north to reach the open sea, because this sound between the Cikat peninsula and the small island of Koludarc is too shallow to pass.

Now on a western course to the open sea - a good view to Osorcica.

We are passing by the Cikat - cove.

Our hotel Aurora

More coves

The serpentines of the asphalted road to the south cape of Losinj. A ferw days ago, I walked up there.

The few houses of Ilovik. Only one small village on the island, no cars.

Opposite a further small island, Sveti Petar - with Ilovikīs cemetery.

We are leaving our boat now.

Once more the view to Losinj.

Ice plants at the harbour.

A short guided stroll through the village.

Another variant of ice plants.


A bit outside the village huge masses of mediterranean spurge

Back at the harbour.

Fascinating ice plants.

The main transport means here are boats.

Our boat will take of in about half an hour ... not much time left.

Lots of  Asphodelus ramosus on this sheep pasture -the sheep donīt seem to like them.

Wild growing iris.

On the way back, the boat stops in the Cikat cove - about 20 minutes walk to our hotel.