2.4.2010 - via Cunski to the airport

Gradually, I am getting short of areas not having seen before. As one of the last ones, I have a look at the area around the airport. I take the mountain bike for first riding along the Cikat - Bucht and through the harbour of Mali Losinj.

Our Hotel, built into the rocky mediterranean pine forest.

Once more it is very clear today, so the neighbouring isle of Susak can be clearly discerned. Shame I did not manage a day trip to there because the trip out with the liner is at 6 a.m. It had rained nearly all night, so it was not clear how the weather would develop. I could not expect the weather becoming so bright.

Still large puddles.

The Cikat cove

Bermuda buttercup (Oxalis pes-caprae), also known under African wood-sorrel, Bermuda sorrel, Buttercup oxalis, Cape sorrel, English weed, Goat's-foot, Sourgrass, Soursob and Soursop, a neophyt from South Africa.

View to the Osorcica - mountains, where I have been the day before yesterday.

Shipyards in the harbour of Mali Losinj.

View over the harbour

Only a few ships offerning day trips. The season just has started (although this year the holy week has stated in March, most shops and restaurants only opened on April 1st.

Fisher´s boats

The shipyard

At the outskirts of Mali Losinj - the east coast. Southern parts of Cres in the background.

Mallow leaved stork´s bill (Erodium malacoides) near the street.

I have some difficulties to identify this plant of the pea family, nearest identification to me is Cytisus villosus)

Near the road, under a pine, a group of Linum pubescens

Borage (Borago officinalis) alone and ...

 ... with Asphodelus fistulosus

The cove of Mali Losinj

On the beach of Artatore ...

 ... and at the boat station..

Hawksbeard (Crepis neglecta)

After some detours, I reach the road between Cunski and the airport. Good view to Cunski

The airport only consists of a bit of flat grassland, a small plane parking ground and a runway, which is not streiht, but follows the top of a very smooth hill. Not very sited to unexperienced pilots ...

The "Tower"

Look - I can watch the only plane of the day landing.

The Zabodaski - cove near Losinj airport. - click here or into the pictue for a larger version.

On the way back nice views to the small village of Cunski.

Back at the cove of Mali Losinj: near a garden I find a plant which I would identify as a yellow flax species Linum campanulatum

Mali Losinj Harbour

Panoramic picture of the harbour of Mali Losinj - click here or into the picture for a larger version.