30.3.2010 - at the beach of Veli Losinj

Today should be something like a "resting day", but a complete rest was not in my mind. At least the morning must see me out, at least a little bit. I take the mountain bike and ride the short distance to Veli Losinj, not on the road, but along the beach promenade. A hidden agenda is: I want to revisit those lots of  Bunch-flowered Narcissus (Narcissus tazetta), richly growing and flourishing in the rocky beach areas.

The weather is a bit cloudy today, but still dry.

Veli Losinj. Today, I continue to explore the beach on the other side of the port.

A second, smaller harbour.

A southwestern wind has arisen and is driving the waves to the rocks.

Viewing along Losinj´s eastern coast in southwestern direction, with Ilovik on the horizon.

Finally I turn round, as the beach promenade leads into an extremely rugged path which cannot be used by the bike. On the way back, the sun comes out, ...

 ... so I make another visit to the narcissus´


Afterwards, I ride along all of the promenade, cross the hill in the background, to finally reach Mali Losinj, this time to the tiny eastern harbour near the small church of Luka Sveti Martin

Here Crocus - leaved Romulea (Romulea bulbocidium) is flourishing in great number.

A last view over the cove.