29.3.2010 - walking around the southern end of the isle of Losinj

A bit stiff from yesterday´s mountain bike tour I decide to change the moving method for today. So, I walk from the hotel Aurora around the southernmost part of the isle of Losinj, about 8 hour´s walking, with essentially no breaks - escept, of course, for taking the many pictures.

The isle of Susak.

Laurestine (Viburnum tinus). These flowering bushes are "accompanying" me nearly the whole way.

Lots of small coves with dark - turquoise - green, crystal clear water.

Mediterranean pines at the shore.

Tree heath (Erica arborea)

A rare sand beach (thgough only a few metres wide)

Olive tree between dry stone walls.

A remote cove.

Panoramic view of that cove - click here or into the picture for a larger version.

A lonesome sailor is seeking recreation.

A single inn on the way, with a sign inviting anchoring sailors - however renovating in progress, not open yet.

The next cove ...

 ... and the next one.

Another one ...

White rockrose (Sage-leaved Cistus, Cistus salviifolius)

Arrived at the south cape of Losinj, viewing to the neighbouring isle of Ilovik ...

 ... and, in eastern direction, to the still snow covered Velebit - mountains with summits more than 1.600 m high. On a clear day this is a stunning view - the air-line distance is about 50-60 km.

The tiny island of Orulje in the foreground.

Branched Asphodel (Asphodelus ramosus). Here at Losinj´s south cape, thousands are growing. Only a few already have started to flourish.

A small person ferry to Ilovik.

Laurestine (Viburnum tinus).

The snow covered mountains are attracting my attention many times.

Spring Sowbread (Cyclamen repandum)

Once more Tree heath (Erica arborea)

The route now climbs a bit up the mountain. This is a bit arduous, but thus the view to the mountains is even improving.

You also can see the distant isle of Pag in front of the continent.


 ... back to sea level ...

 ... to a picturesque cove.

Dry stone walls along most of my route on this side of the island.

An olive grove lets me respire: the first dettlements of Veli Losinj, are close.

View over Veli Losinj to the Osorcica mountains, well visible due to the clear weather.

Zooming in to Osorcica

Flourishing trees in Veli Losinj

Mediterranean spurge (Euphorbia characias)

Naples Garlic (Allium neapolitaneum) in a park

The harbour of Veli Losinj

Port entrance of Veli Losinj ...

 ... and Zooming in to the mountains.

Veli Losinj

Once more the port entrance

A big hotel at the shore ...

 ... and seen from the other side.

Mediterranean spurge (Euphorbia characias)

Now I am walking along a larger cove ...

(once more with stunning views to the Velebit - mountains)

 ... back to Mali Losinj.

and to the Hotel Aurora