28.3.2010 - A short round tour on the isle of Krk

I drive back to Merag, to enter the ferry with my mountain bike. In Krk, I do a short round ride to the main town of the island, all in all about 40 km.

On the way to Merag, I have to stop to enjoy the view down to the town of Cres, the main town of the homonymeous island.

Mediterranean spurge (Euphorbia characias), growing on the roadside.

Cres has a natural harbour, no wonder that the town developed here.

Zooming in to the town. In the background to the left the Istria peninsula.

I missed the branch to Merag, which I discovered soon, but rewarding me with this stunning downview to the cove of Merag and the approaching ferry boat.

The small island of Plavnik to the left, in the background Krk, Rab and the Croatian continent in the background.

The few houses of Merag.

Ship ahoy!

And off we go.

Big bow wash.

Arrived on Krk, I start immediately. After a few hundred metres, however, I have to stop to admire these star anemones (Anemone hortensis) in a bush near the road.

On the verge this composite plant, which I would identify as Hawksbeard (Crepis neglecta)

I branch off the main road to a narrow gravel road, which soon ends to nothing, but leads me to a nice hill with good views to the neighbouring island of Cres.

Back to the main route. Between the dry stone walls, an old acquaintance from home is growing: resplendently flourishing European cornel (Cornus mas)

I branch off now for the main town of the island, Krk. En route, I come to a village with the unpronouncable name of Vrh. Here, liek in many other places, a deadnettle variant, prsumably called Lamium garganicum.

In one of the house gardens, lots of yellow daffodills.(Narcissus pseudonarcissus).

Vrh. Impressive clouds are towering over the mountains of the Croatian continent, but they stay there and donīt draw over.

Grape hyacinths (Muscari commutatum) at the roadside.

The harbour of Krk, the main town of the homonymeous island.

Harbour impressions ....

The old town has been renovated in many places.

A small cove near the old town.

Laurestine (Viburnum tinus) in full flower ...

 ... attracting the interest of many visitors.

View over the old town of Krk

Panoramic view over the next cove, neighbouring east of Krk, the cove of Punat. Click here or inside the picture for a larger version.


View from Kornic to Punat and the cove.

Once more now I ride to inland of the isle and cross the hilly countryside. In the limestone underground there are lots of dolinas, typical karst formations: breakdown holes filled with sediments making up for multiple small, round, flat spots, this one like many others used as a pasture. inmidst the forest. In other places, such dolinas are much larger and covered with fields on the ground. Click here or inside the picture for a larger verison.

Now I ride back to the village of Kosic, a village close to Vrh; there I spontanously decide to follow a guidepost to Sabljici, a village on the main road to Valbiska. The post leads me to a bumpy walking route which leads me - over rough and smooth - and at last on a steep descent back to the main road. Regarding the many, not outsigned branches of the route, it is clear that I soon lost the right route, but with some good luck and a quite bit of orientation (with the sun) to the main directions, and of course some good luck, I find this main road. Star anemones  on the way, behind the dry stone walls.

Near the path, Helleborus odorus

Sand cinquefoil (potentilla arenaria), an old acquaintance from home

Wild asparagus. The young sprouts are collected by the locals and eaten like green asparagus.

Back at the main road. to Valbiska, a wild sherry tree in full flower.

A spider has cought good prey here.

Having enough time to the departure time of the ferry, I once more branch off the main road to the little village of Milohnici.

Stunning view to the north from here, over the harbour village of Malinska to the continent.

Zooming in on Malinska and the moutains of the continent. The sea in between is invisible from here.

The cornel already seen this morning, now in some more red evening light.

as well as the star anemones near the jetty.

Back at the sea ...

 ... and to my way  ...

 ... back with the ferry to Cres.