9.4.: With the mountain bike around lake Vransko and to Lubenice

Today, dense fog is covering not only Mali Losinj, but large areas of the isle. I drive to Cres till the branching to the village of Stivan. Here I park the car and take the mountain bike. I ride on a narrow road to the tiny hamlet of Grmov and further more on a narrow gravel road till shortly before Podol. Here I branch off to Lubenice, then back and shortly before Valun I branch off to the right on a gravel road, a footpath and finally a wild piste high above the Vransko lake till Zbisina and via Vrana back to the car.

Only on the last few kilometers I leave the fog to sunshine. Near Grmov a bick puddle, now in spring water filled, where there is an incredible noise.

When I am approaching the water, all the croaking frogs jump into the water, and all at once it is completely silent.

First glimpse on lake Vransko.

Grmov, a rather decrepit village.

Flourishing Maquis.

View over the fog to the Osorscica mountains which I have conquered the day before yesterday.

An old vineyard on stony ground.

Maquis and sheep pastures near the gravel road. Ahead the coast - Valun still wrapped in the fog.

Lake Vransko.

Anemone hortensis

The road between Grmov and Podol

Podol. Valun still in fog, I decide to branch off here to Lubenice. The road goes uphill, maybe I get a glimpse to the west coast? ...

Fog over Valun.

First view of Lubenice - no fog here!

Lubenice is situated on the edge of a small plateau, directly at the steep rocky escarpments to the western coast.

Today, no c2c (sea to see) - a sea of clouds instead. Panoramic view on Lubenice in western direction. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Mediterranean spurge.

Mediterranean spurge (Euphorbia characias)

Felsen - Steinkraut (Alyssoides sinuata - sorry, didnīt find an English name!)

Lubenice only has a few, densely aggregated houses, youīll be on the other end in a minute.

Here, on a wonderful viewpoint, yellow asphodeline (Asphodeline lutea) is already flourishing.

Lots of Alyssoides sinuata in the rocky escarpents

Alyssoides sinuata

View over Lubenice

Fog over the sea..

The small cemetery of Lubenice

Flourishing rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Many houses are a bit decrepit ...

Old archways and interesting views.

The church of Lubenice with an overdimensioned spire.

The further ride passes by the misty Valun and enters a gravel road, which more and more deteriorates to a footpath, on the eastern slopes to lake Vransko.

Valun still in fog.

The northern end of the lake (I donīt think there is a foot and a head, the water is filling a large doline).

Panoramic view of lake Vransko. The surface is above sea level, the deepest point of the ground is 74 m beneath sea level. An area of 5,75 km2 is covered. The water serves as drinking water reservoir for Cres and Losinj. Thus, the shore is protected and must not be acceded. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

In a rocky exposure near the path pretty calcit crystals. Without any instruments, I cannot take them with me.

The path has deteriorated.

Mediterranean spurge.

The southern end of the lake.

View from the main road to the lake - you only get this view if you stop in the right place and turn back.