8.4: Rest day - Mali Losinj

In the morning I ride a short way along the western shore in southern direction.

The large cove of ...

 ... with several side coves. Click here of in the picture for a larger version.

From the opposite side of the cove you can see our hotel Bellevue, hidden under the pines to the left of the prominent red building.

Outside th Cikat cove lots of small coves, ...

 ... like this near another big hotel.

Picturesque coast.

I cannot identify this plant ...

Bermuda buttercup (Oxalis pes-caprae), an originally south-african plant.

Cyclamen repandum) in the pine forest - the leaves all over covered with pollen.

In the late morning we walk to town for shopping and an unhurried lunch.

Once more there is sea fog on parts of the cove.

Rowers on training.

Panoramic view of the cove of Mali Losinj - click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Some athmospheric pictures ...

 ... from the harbor



Water "poll(en)ution" on the way back