Losenheim 16.2.2011

Once more dense fog, but viewing the webcam shows me, that even Hohe Wand is wrapped to the very summit. I am considering to walk on Schober, but this plan is abandoned due to lack of time. So I drive to Losenheim and walk up to Fadensattel, partly through the forest, partly along the ski piste.

At the start, everything is grey in grey, but leaving the forest at its upper outskirts, the sun comes out. The trees are covered with hoarfrost, the individual needles up to 2 inches long.

View to the Schneeberg massive - I am walking along its northern slopes.

Panoramic view from below Fadensattel to the east. Dense fog over Puchberg and Losenheim, and the rest of eastern Austria. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Schneeberg, from the same point of view.

Panoramic view from Fadensattel to the west. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Zooming in on Unterberg

Schober, Oehler and Groessenberg (another one as that belonging to the Fischau mountains, 1188 m high, near Puchberg) are islands in the sea of mist.

Only small amounts of snow, but covered with hoarfrost crystals.

Once more looking towards west.

No snow at the small well.


Now walking back down, this time along the ski piste ...

 ... and once more ...

 ... into the mist. Thanks to my Kahtoola Spikes I can walk down the icy articifial snow like on dry grass.