Day 6: Rannerdale and Rannerdale Knotts from Loweswater

After all that struggle, I joyfully joined Roger, Ann, Jo and Steven Siddall for a delightful local walk along Crummock Water, through Rannerdale with its milions of Bluebells, and on Rannerdale Knotts. After a lunch with a view on the summit, we took the steep descent to the Lake and back the same route along the shore.

Interesting bracket fungus

Crummock Water ...

 ... is very calm today, that will not stay for long ...

"Did you say the water is calm?"

"Get rid of it ..."

Rannerdale Knotts, our objective for that day.

Playing in the water with the sticks - the heaven for a golden retriever.

Now, what´s on? don´t throw?

The flat bushes and woodland along the shore near the weir is a bit boggy in places - with pretty bogbeans (Menyanthes trifoliata).

The girls on the bridge over the weir

The weir and the lake - not very much water after those dry days.

The fish ladder

The dogs are still playing

Along the eastern shore now to reach Rannerdale.

Gorse in many places.

Gorse ...

Gorse, in the background High Stile and Red Pike.

Rannerdale Knotts


Starling Dodd

Now up the slope to Rannerdale

There are the bluebells!!!

The bluebells are already a bit withered in places, only the uppermost flowers are open, some of them already are bearíng green fruits.

Shady places are different, of course.

A short sunny spell enlightens the scenery.

I even found two "whitebells" - a partial albino found with many plants, apparently caused by a partial defect of the gene responsible for color production.

Roger is also fascinated by this rare variant.

A bit farther up the dale there are milions still in full blossom.

Grasmoor behind.

Now up the short ascent to the ridge of Rannerdale Knotts, where we got a fine view up the Buttermere valley ...

 ... as well as to the other side down Rannerdale. The areas of the last two bluebell picrtures clearly can be seen from afar.

A perfect wind shelter ...

Grasmoor and Whiteless Pike with the bluebell area shining blue in green.

Buttermere valley

The steep slopes of Rannerdale Knotts are covered with gorse in many places.

Crummock Water and Melbreak

Lunch with a view - on summit of Rannerdale Knotts. Loweswater and Low Fell in the distance.

At least some sun on the gorse.

Once more clear conditions with Scotland visible across the Solway.

A flourishing Holly tree (Ilex aquifolium).

After a nice cup of tea and a cake, Steven Siddall took me back to Blackpool and accomodated me for the night. Sam has to take a rest now.

On the flight back home: some pictures from the plane, of the city of London.