Day 5: The High Stile ridge to Loweswater

After a descent to Beck End, I started my walk on Moses Trod, which I left above Brin Crag, to walk a direct route to Blackbeck Tarn. Via Innominate Tarn, I ascended the loveliest place of Lakeland: Hay Stacks. Having seen this scenery, I now understand why Alfred Wainwright wanted to be buried there. The further way was over Seat and High Crag to High Stile, then further along the ridge to Red Pike, Starling Dodd and Great Borne. After a steep descent to Floutern Tarn, I reascended Hen Combe - to my delight, I met Ann, Jo and John on the summit and was savely guided down to Loweswater. 8 Wainwrights on that day.

This morning I woke up from a very intense light - the sun was rising behind Great Gable. This is my tent pitch viewing to Kirk Fell summit, Kirk Fell Tarn to the right of the picture.

Great Gable.

Not a bad place for a pitch, is it?

Illgill Head, Wasdale and Wastwater in morning sunshine.

Down at Beck Head, Scafell nearly hidden behind Lingmell.

Grasmoor and Crag Hill from Beck Head, far right is Fleetwith Pike.

High Crag and High Stile, Haystacks, Grasmoor and Crag Hill from Beck Head.

Kirk Fell from Moses Trod above Beck Head.

Panoramic View of Wasdale, Kirkfell, Ennderdale, High Stile ridge, Haystacks and Grasmoor from Moses Trod above Beck Head - click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Ennerdale, with pillar to the left, and to the right nearly all the summits to do today - (from near right to far left): Haystacks, Seat (in front of High Crag), High Crag, High Stile, Starling Dodd and Great Borne.

Hay Stacks with Grasmoor behind

At this time of the day, the sun even enlightens the north-east rocks of Great Gable.

and once more, Green Gable to the left.

Pillar, Anglerīs Crag and Ennerdale Water

Zooming in on Ennderdale Water and the villages behind.

The famous point on Moses Trod, where you can see Ennerdale as well as Buttermere valley.

A bit zooming in: Blackbeck Tarn in the foreground as well as Buttermere and Crummock water beneath. Melbreak to the leftt of Crummock Water, Low Fell and Fellbarrow behind it, and Rannerdale Knotts to its right.

A bit more zoom to Crummock Water with Low Fell behind.

Even a glimpse on Blencathra, Fleetwith Pike to the left.

Ennerdale Water

Panoramic View from half way Moses Trod: Great Gable, Kirk Fell, Pillar, Ennerdale, High Stile ridge, Buttermere, Grasmoor and Fleetwith Pike. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Blackbeck Tarn and Haystacks, High Crag behind. Far right is Crummock Water and Melbreak.

Great Gable, Beck Head and Kirk Fell. Scafell behind Beck Head.

Blackbeck Tarn, Crummock Water and Melbreak.

Great Gable

The black beck flowing into Blackbeck Tarn.

Bleckbeck Tarn

Reflections in Blackbeck Tarn.

One of the numerous puddles ...

 ... and from the opposite side with Great Gable behind.

Innominate Tarn with Pillar behind

Panoramic View of Innominate Tarn - click here ort into the picture for a larger version.

Pillar behind Innominate Tarn.

Green Gable, Great Gable and Kirk Fell behind Innominate Tarn.

Kirk Fell

Green Gable, Great Gable

The summit cairn of Haystacks - hi, Mr. Wainwright!

Summit Panorama of Haystacks - click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Haystacks summit tarn and High Crag.

Hay Stacks summit tarn and Pillar

High Crag and the Buttermere valley from Seat.

Fleetwith Pike with Dale Head behind.

The Head of Buttermere with High Snockrigg behind and Grasmoor/High Crag in the distance.

The steep ascent to High Crag at Gamlin End.


Looking back to Haystacks and Seat, Great Gable and Kirk Fell in the distance. If have walked quite a distance already.

High Stile from the summit of High Crag, Ennderdale Water with Anglerīs Crag to the left.

Zooming in on Ennderdale Water and Anglerīs Crag

Crummock Water and Loweswater village with Low Fell behind. Criffel across the Solvay in the far distance.

Once more the Solvay, this time with Blake Fell in front.

Zooming in on Great Gable, Beck Head and Kirk Fell - the Scafells in the distance.

Crummock Water, Grasmoor and Crag Hill with the slopes of Red Pike in front.

Criffel across the Solvay

Once more the Solvay with the Wind Park. Red Pike summit in front, living up to its name.

Keswick and Blencathra

Zooming in to the Langdale Pikes

The Scafells from Hig Stile


Red Pike with Loweswater Lake, Melbreak and Crummock Water, Bleaberry Tarn and Grasmoor, with Rannerdale knotts in front.

Loweswater Lake, Mellbreak, Crummock Water and Grasmoor, this time from Red Pike summit.

Ennerdale Water, Starling Dodd and Great Borne.

One last view back to Great Gable and Pillar, from Great Borne.

Grasmoor from Great Borne.

Blake Fell

Floutern Tarn, with Hen Combe behind, then Melbreak and Whiteside/Grasmoor in the distance.

Floutern Tarn, the pointed peak in the distance is Red Pike.

Hen Combe, my last objective for that day. Are there people waiting on the summit?

Once more Red Pike


Great Borne

Just visible far away in the sea: the Isle of Man.

Early afternoon reception: Ann, Jo and John are having their lunch on Hen Combe, waiting for me - really nice!

Downwards now heading for Loweswater and a hot shower!

Cotton grass

Loweswater and Criffel across the Solway

John and Jo heading for Loweswater

Zooming in: The Kirkstile inn - this eveningīs dinner place, and Oak Cottage, the place of the hot shower.

Looking back to Hen Combe.

Low Fell

Whiteside and Hopegill Head, Grasmoor and Melbreak to the right.

Mosedale Beck, ...

 ... where the dogs have their favorite playing ground.

Last spots of sunshine on the fields with Whiteside and Grasmoor.