May 20th - a gentle afternoon stroll after midday´s weather clearing.

The morning started with clouds on high fells, heavy wind and showers. I started to a walk from the farm, along Wastwater northwest shore and up Yewbarrow. However, at the steepest part, I decided to turn back due to extremely wet and slippery rocks, which I did not want to climb down with a left knee not fully reliable. With the wind and the rain as well as dense mist, nothing did motivate me to procede. No pictures due to the conditions.

However, after a fine shower and a rest, mid afternoon I obseerved weather clearing, and finally it got bright. So, once more I went out for a gentle stroll, this time to Wasdale Head Car park and then left across the field heading for the scafells route. However, I stayed on the valley ground and once more enjoyed sunny gorse.

Illgill Head partly in the sun

Great Gable and Burnthwaite Farm

I found some bluebells to entertain myself ...

St. Olaf´s church with surrounding trees,

Great Gable

St. Olaf´s church with surrounding trees, said to be England´s smallest parish church.

Gorse growing on pastures ...

 ... and at Lingmell Beck.

Great Gable

Mosedale and Pillar

Panoramic view with Yewbarrow, Pillar, Kirk Fell and Great Gable. Click here or inside the picture for a larger version.

And back to the farm.