May 19th - Wasdale Screes - down and up

From Wasdale Head along the southeastern shore of Wastwater crossing the Screes, up the ridge after the pump house and back along the ridge via Whin Rigg and Illgill Head.

A bright morning, and I start heading for the Wasdale Screes.

Great Gable with a cap of mist - to be lost soon thereafter.

Great Gable

Illgill Head

Looking up Lingmell.

Mosedale and Pillar

Great Gable

Illgill Head

Great Gable

Crossing a beck ...

 ...  and the mud.


Mist has lifted from Great Gable

Gorse everywhere

Illgill Head

Illgill Head

Great Gable

Lingmell Gill and the Scafells

My original plan was to walk up Illgill Head and Whin Rigg thereafter. However, when I saw the lovely lakeside, I decided to first walk along the lake and tackle the ridge from the "rear" side.

Lots of gorse along the lake.


Now I start ther lovely walk along Wastwater.


I found a spot with lots of yellow poppies and spent some time for pictures (having to wait for the sun!)

A fly´s visit of a second or so happened to coincide with the photographer holding the camera on the flower - a "good luck shot"

Kirk Fell and Great Gable, once more touched by a cloud.

Lovely farmland along eastern parts of Wastwater Head.

Kirk Fell

Now I leave the visitor alone with the pictures of the walk - the slowly changing but ever similar views.

Panoramic view from the centre of the southeastern shore of Wastwater. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

It is becoming considerably more rocky here, to say the least

Watching over his wife sitting on her nest and breeding the eggs.

Walking those rocks is more strenuous than climbing a steep slope.

At least - phew - reached the lake foot.

Great Gable is quite at a distance now, regarding that I started my walk at its foothills (and shall return there this evening).

A bit more zoom

Acending now the steep slope

At half the ascent. Lovley view over Low Wood and High Birkhow.

On the ridge now - looking out on the sea.

Reached the summit of Whin Rigg. Stunning views to the high fells from here.

Pillar and its surrounding

Southern fells

Good visibility - the isle of Man.

Black Combe - you would like to believe that you can see the mountains of Wales behind, but I think it´s only clouds.

Southern fells

Heading for Illgill Head

You won´t believe that there is a huge escarpment between this tarn and Yewbarrow summit behind.

Approaching the escarpment - looking down to Wastwater which I was walking along this morning. Yewbarrw, Kirk Fell and Great Gable behind.

Middle Fell with Seatallan left behind its summit. Caw Fell and Haycock in the distance.

Wasdale Head. In the exact centre of the picture (at the crossing of the diagonals) you can spot Burnthwaite Farm among surrounding trees.

On the summit of Illgill Head. The sun reflecting in the sea, far right Sellafield ...

 ... and once more the Isle of Man.

Wasdale Head.

Scafell, as seen from its "flat" side; Scafell pike just visible behind.

Burnmoor Tarn; the pointed fell behind should be Harter Fell.

Panoramic view from the descent of Illgill Head. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Burnmoor Tarn and Harter Fell from a bit more down.

Down on the descent from Burnmoor Tarn to Wasdale Head

Wastwater evening

Once more walking through the gorse ...

 ... and reaching Burnthwaite Farm, exhausted after 10 hours´ walk - but looking forward to a delicious dinner. Thank you, Jill!