18.5.2011 - Mosedale Horseshoe - Pillar, Scoat Fell, Steeple, Red Pike

First day without rain, and at last I do what I have planned long before - Pillar from Wasdale Head with the complete Horseshoe around Mosedale.

Burnthwaite Farm house, where I was accomodated. You can see the pillow behind the window in my sleeping room, that I put there the evening before because the windows are so untight and the cold and strong wind even was blowing off the curtains from the wall (when the window was closed). I donīt like draft air when I am sleeping. Apart from this, however, the B&B was great and Jill, the Lady, the nicest person I ever met doing that job, pampering her guests with best English breakfast and on most days with a delicious dinner too.

At the gate when leaving the farm - problems to the farmers caused by dogs ...

View from the farmland down Wasdale with Wastwater and Illgill Head.

The farm with Great Gable

Wasdale Head Inn and Row Head Farm

Great Gable and Sty Head pass

Wasdale Head

After a very short walk the view opens to the lovely dale ground of Mosedale.

Panoramic view to Mosedale with Yewbarrow, Red Pike, Scoat Fell and Pillar (left to right), far right is Kirk Fell (summit not visible). Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Looking up Mosedale Head ...

 ... and looking back


The river meanders down here - only to cascade steeply to Wadale Head after the small forest.

Small beck from the side.

Gatherstone Beck cascades down here - lots of water after three days of rain.


Two short videos of the cascade

A path up the slope to the left side takes me on a shortage bypassing Black Sail Pass and reaching the ridge a bit farther on to Pillar. Suddenly the view to the other side, with the High Stile ridge (High Stile, High Crag and Seat)

The view back over Black Sail pass to Kirk Fell (to the right) and Great Gable (left, in clouds)

View down Mosedale to Wasdale Head. From up here, a glimpse of Burnmoor tarn

High Crag, Seat and Haystacks, behind are Northwestern Fells with Robinson, Hindscarth and Fleetwith Pike, Crag Hill and Causey Pike in the distance.

Wasdale Head, with the pointed Yewbarrow to its right.

Arrived on the summit of Pillar, the view now goes down along Ennerdale with the Lake ...

 ... and further along the ridge with Black Crag and Scoat Fell behind, the pointed summit to its right, partly hidden by the mist, is Steeple.

Seems to be much better weather out there behind the Lake.

Mist creeps over Red Pike to swallow Black Crag in short time.

Black Crag

Ennerdale. Heaven knows how the seeds of this fig tree have been blown up here and could germinate.

Black Crag, with Steeple behind to its right, partly in mist.

Ennerdale water. Permanent sunshine outside the mountains, but permanent mist inside here.

Clouds swirling around the ridges ...

 ... hiding Red Pike.


Watch the short video. From now on, all the rest of the walk over Scoat Fell, Steeple and Red Pike was done in dense mist, therefore no more pictures.

Only after descending from Red Pike, I leave the clouds - so this is the last picture of the walk from my way down Dorehead screes. Rocks of Yewbarrow far right.

Evening drive to Loweswater, to meet some people at the Kirkstileīs (see below). Lovely evening light viewing up the Buttermere valley; Rannerdale knotts in the centre behind Crummock water, Great Gable in the distance still with some clouds.




A nice evening at the Kirkstileīs with Roger, Nigel, Jill, Ian, Ann and John