22.5.2009 Red Screes, Middle Dodd, Little Hart Crag, High Hartsop Dodd and back to Glenridding

After a rather quiet night in my tent on the summit plateau of Caudale Moor I walked down to the Kirkstone Pass hoping to get a good breakfast at the Kirkstone Pass Inn. However, everything was closed, no car parking suggested that there have been no guests overnight. Hungra and thirsty I continued my walk, drinking cold water from the beck instead of a cup of hot tea.

My tent on Caudale Moor. The day began with mist on the high summits, so no view (and subsequently only a few pictures) in the morning.

On the walk down to the Kirkstone Pass. Mist also on Red Screes.

Ascending the very steep slopes of Red Screes. Limited views to Lake Windermere.

Red Screes summit was wrapped in clouds, and a short slight shower kept me from taking pictures. This one is from the summit of Middle Dodd, viewing south to Lake Windermere

First sunny spells on Dove Crag

Caudale Moor with the Kirkstone Pass road.

After a walk around the head of Caiston valley, over Scandale Pass and Little Hart Crag, I found myself on High Hartsop Dodd, looking down on Brother´s Water and Sykeside, Place Fell in the background. Hartsop above Howe to the left.

At this point, my body told me that it would be better to cut short the planned route and walk down to valley level for another night in a B&B and a day´s regeneration.

So I walked down the very steep slopes of High Hartsop Dodd, discovering a large area of bluebells, comparabe to that one of Rannerdale.

Due to the northern side of the slope, most of the flowers are not yet out.

A few sunny spells now, and mainly dry weather.


Nearly down at Sykeside.

Middle Dodd and High Hartsop Dodd, today´s short walk objectives.

At the campsite. Hungry and thirsty, I indulged myself with an excellent cheese burger at the Brother´s Water inn - huge size with lots of chips.

After a good and long rest, I walked down the valley and enjoyed lovely Brother´s Water ...

 ... with King´s Cups on its shore.

A spot with bluebells near the way down to Patterdale and Glenridding. Once more I got accomodation at the Beech House in Glenridding.