6.8.2007: Mountainbike tour along the south coast

Today, we ride with the mountain bike along the south coast of Crete, touching the villages of Mavros Kolimbos, Koutsouras, Makris Ghialos and Kato Nero, from there back the same way, about 40 km. Once more only a few possibilities for pictures, furthermore the weather is a bit hazy, with clouds on high mountains, but no drop of rain of course (this is the Greek kind of "bad weather" ...)

View over Makris Gialos and the cove to Koutsouras

 ... and once more, from a bit farther.

The main road now leads up to the mountains, however we branch to the right, once more along the coast.

Greenhouses near the beach

Remote coves along the further route, and only small hamlets, no more tourism.

Small cove near Kato Nero

Back to Makris Gialos: The summit of Afendis Stavramenos is wrapped in clouds.

The (eadable) prickly pears nearly ready for their crop.