Mountainbike tour to Schinokapsala 5.8.2007

Wie start at 9 a.m. to a guided mountainbike tour: First along the south coast till Mavros Kolimbos, then up an unbelievably hot gravel road and to the mountain village Schinokapsala, at the foot of Afendis Stavramenos. Back over a steep, narrow curved asphalt road.

The common riding speed being rather high, I donīt want to stay back alone for too long, so I only can take a few pictures.

The picturesque cove near Agia Fotia ...

 ... and the view to the open sea from the same point.

Short break after the steep descent on the gravel road.

Franz, Koni and Dominik

From the same point the wiev goes to the other side to Afendis Stavramenos and the olive plantations on its slopes. Thousands of kilometres of black water hoses are used for adequate irrigation here as well as everywhere in the surrounding (at least 5 months of permanent sunshine, daily temperatures above 30 C and not a bit of rain would be too much for the olive trees).

View back to the cove of Makrigialos and Analipsi. Numerous Greenhouses, shining in the sunlight.

Schinokapsala, the mountain village at the foot of Afendis Stavramenos

Olive plantations in terraces along the slopes of the mountains.

Back at the coast, the next cove close to the club.