4.8.2007: Journey and arrival in the club

Departure on Saturday 4.8.2007 at 11.25 a.m.

This Lauda Air - plane safely brought us from Graz to Heraklion

After our arrival, the journey was continued by a nearly two hours bus trip. We admired the Cretan landscape through the bus windows.

The expressway between Malia and Agios Nikolaos

Having reached the large cove of Agios Nikolaos.

View back to Agios Nikolaos ...

 ... and zooming in.

The Thripti - mountains steeply escarping to the sea on both sides of the isle.

Monastiraki - gorge in the Thriptis - mountains, half way between the North coast and Ierapetra. Afendis Stavramenos behind.


In front of the door to our appartement: View to the foothills of the Thripti mountains. The upper part of the club area is built there.

View from our balcony to the left side: the Lybian sea.

Exploring the other part of the hotel resort (Lyktos Beach): Lots of rank Bugainvillea

The activity - pool, the place for water sports

The beach: fine grit, no sand. After the first disappointment we recognized the advantage:

 ...  no dispersed sand meant crystal clear water out to the shallowest parts of the beach.

The Relax - Pool, where we stayed most of the time: the parents on the couch, the children in the water.

Bugainvillea hanging over a wall on our way back to the room.