31.10.2007: Koenigsforst ("King´s forest") near Cologne

We are visiting friends, former neighbours who have moved to Roesrath/Kleineichen, a village near Cologne, in direction of Bergisches Land. The landscape here comprises dense settlements and dense forest (and nothing else). Koenigsforst (King´s forest), beginning at the backdoor of Kleineichen, is about 40 km2 large and the largest connected forest area in the area around Cologne, with lots of  good forest paths, many of which can be used with bicycle too. So I am walking in the morning for three hours, but the high fog keeps me from taking many pitures. After lunch, the sun comes out, the ladies must not miss one of those stupid TV series, and I borrough a bicycle and ride out to the forest once more.

Large paths are leading through the more flat forest area.

An old railway dam, the rail is disused for more than 30 years.

Despite the late season there are still some mushrooms: Common stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus) - this one would need a bit of Viagra, I think ...

Back on the railway dam

In January 2007, the winter gale "Cyrill" has broken many trees. I see several lightings with fallen trees.

This old oak is laying here for longer.

At least the sun in the afternoon.

Now the colours are glowing much more.

Variegated autumn colours ...

 ... are really ...

 ... pronounced now.

Gale lighting

On some places, rays of low sun are braking through the roof of branches and are producing ...

 ... stunning light effects.

This is the area of the old railway station of the village Forsbach.

On some places spuces are dominating.

Autumnal seeds near the path

In the spruce forest ...

 ... with old moss-covered stumps.

Small becks in shallow fosses are ...

... responsible for some small wet biotopes.

These light effects are the consequence of the gales.

Evening: Halloween party in Cologne´s Zoo: a pair of stilt - walkers are welcoming the visitors at the door.

Coloured lights on trees, otherwise darkness.

Hollow punpkins with candle lights.

We see only few animals, here the racoons, active in the night.

Spooky figures besides the way ...

Die flamingoes in the pond illuminated by red light.