Kienberg 10.9.2006

Cloudless sky today. I start an afternoon walk from hume to Fischauer Vorberge. Firstly planned to become a short walk, this became much longer as I decided to continue till Kienberg. Absolutely stunning at this wonderful evening light.

Near the outskirts of the forest in Winzendorf

View from "Steinernes Bankerl" over the southern Wiener Becken. On the horizon, Leithagebirge to the left, and Rosaliengebirge to the right ...

 ... and the city in the background is Wiener Nerustadt, with the two white spires of the cathedral far left. In the forground Winzendorf at the exit of the Prosset gorge.

Ruin Emmerberg.

Panoramic view to Hohe Wand, as seen from a bit western of Steinmuehle. Click into the picture for a larger version.

The path is leading along the outskirts of the forest ...

 ... The sunflowers are withered now, ...

 ... whereas millet has to stand a bit longer.

Behind Netting the path leads through forest, up to Kienberg.

View from the summit of Kienberg (650 m) to Schneeberg (2.075 m). Far right is Hohe Wand.

A clearing on Kienberg summit

Kurzhaar - Donarsbart (Jovibarba hirta) is growing here

Seed heads of Wild Angelika (Angelika sylvestris)

View to Hohe Wand, with Maiersdorf (in front) and Stollhof (behind)

Zooming in on Maiersdorf

Panorama of Hohe Wand, as seen from the summit of Kienberg. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Rocky summit.

Spider web with inhabitant, on the way back through the forest.

Back, shortly before Winzendorf: Blosser Berg, covered with thousands of Goldschopf - Aster (Aster linosyris)

View to Rosaliengebirge

Goldschopf - Aster ("Golden tufted aster", Aster linosyris)