6.3.2013: Afternoon walk to Pigadia.

Once more I start for a late afternoon walk, this time to explore the harbour of Pigadia and the surroundings.

Bougainvillea at the hotel bar.

Der hotel pool. Our beds in the grass beneath the olive trees.

A Container boat has landed.

The hotel beach from a different perspective.

Panoramic picture of the haven cove of Pigadia. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The houses of Pigadia are crowding beneath the rock.

Another Panorama of the harbour of Pigadia. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

A high rock at the end of the harbour. Now way through here.

View over the Pigadia cove.

The cemetary of Pigadia, built on the rock at the end of the harbour. One of the most beautiful places on the whole island, in my opinion.

Free standing marble coffins - rather expensive, indeed!

Walking a short leg along old dry stone walls - long ago disused olive tree gradens, I reckon.

One more view of the cemetery.

Windswept pine tree. Karpathos is well known for its heavy winds.

On its resting place, I catch this dragonfly. Many thanks to Dr. Ernst Bauernfeind from Vienna´s Natural History Museum, who helped me identifying it to be "most probably a female Red-veined darter" (sympetrum fonscolombii).

Behind the rock a small cove with a rather remote hotel, decorated by Bougainvillea.

I climb the rock  ...

 ... behind the houses of the cove. View down to the harbour.

On the way back ...

 ... I pass by a pretty tavern and spntanuously decide to ask for reservation of a table for dinner - right in front at the balustrude, with a view over the sea.

The owners of the restaurant benevolently confirm the reservation.

Back at the hotel beach.