5.8.2013: Afternoon walk on the Vouvia Peninsula near Pigadia.

It is windy and not extremely hot. In the afternoon, when the light turns more beautiful, I decide to go for a local walk. I want to explre the peninsula and the mountain behind Pigadia.

Ich starte beim Hotel und lasse meinen "faulen" drei Frauen auf ihren Gartenliegen zurück. My goal can be seen in the background: the transponder on the mountain ridge.

First walking to Pigadia ...

 ... and, crossing the town, to its opposite side.

Now, I walk along the East cvoast on a narrow tarmac road, around the Vouvia pensinsula.

Panoramic view of the Pigadia cove. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The mountains in the background still are wrapped in clouds.

I don´t know the name of this plant.

View to the East. Somewhere in the mist should be the island of Rhodos.

A lonesome church - Panagia Larniotisa.

Panagia Larniotisa and the entrance to the Pigadia cove. To the right in the background the mountains of the island´s North.

The Pigadia cove and the mountains of the island centre.

A huge cross on a hill ...

... which can be reached comfortly by a tiled staircase. Enough money for the church and the priests in Greece ...

The forsted Vouvia peninsula.

In front of the hill with the cross a huge, thoroughly asphalted parking place and a memory place - I think it is a war memorial. Still lots of money for this, as well as for electric power of the street lamps burning all day.

From the "backside", I walk up the mountain - all time in wonderful cool shadow at this time of the day.

High above the cross now.

Sheep on the hill, at about 220 m above sea level.

One more church up here.

Panoramic view from the transponder down to Pigadia and the south-east of Karpathos. on the hill of the Vouvia pensinsula. Click here or into the picture for a larger version..

Pigadia, ...

 ... in beautiful evening backlight.

Pigadia, in the evening. I make use of the waiting time for the meal and sneak out for a short time for some pictures.

On the way back. Viewing over the cove to our hotel. The lights on the mountain belong to the villages of Othos, Volada and Aperi in a distance of 5-6 km air-line, at an altitude of up to 500 m. The cloud on the summit is enlightened too.