3.8.2013: Apela Beach

Today, me use the rented car to drive to other beaches. Following a recommendation, we first drive to the South coast near the airport to see Diakofti beach.

This beach is said to look like the Caribbean ... itīs true regarding the bach and the water, not true regarding the paltry surrounding. However, what is really disturbing is the heavy Northwestern wind wich turns over our booksī pages, nearly knocks over the umbrellas and releaes the fine sand from the ground feeling like many needle sticks. Despite its beauty, this is no place to stay.

After half an hour, we decide to leave the beach and look for a sheltered place on the East coast, in the lee of the high mountains. Yesterday, we have looked down to the Apela beach, which is said to be the most beautiful beach on the island. So we head for there.

From the road between Aperi and Spoa, which we drove yesterday, a dead end-road branches off, leading down the steep slope to the cove. Also, there is a small tavern there.

The coast here is extremely steep, with mountains directly escarping to the sea. Only where winter rains have washed down stones and sand, small beaches have formed.

Klara is exploring the undersurface sea.

Half - panorama of the Apela beach. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Another Half - panorama of the Apela beach, this time put together from high format pictures, now showing the steep and high mountains, reaching up to more than 1.200 m. Click here or into the picture for a larger version

A short walk along the beach late afternoon.

Still mist on the mountain tops.

Tome to leave, we are hungry and longing for a taverna in Pigadia.