2.8.2013: An Island Round Tour with a rented Car.

We have rented a car for two days and drive around the island today.

Heavy wind today, and lots of mist on the mountain tops.

We drive North heading for the little mountain village of Olympos. More pretty villages on the way - this one is Aperi.

View North along the East coast. About 30 miles´ drive from Pigadia to Olympos.

The Apela beach, as seen from the road above - we shall come back to here for bathing tomorrow.

View along the coast to Spoa

In spoa on the branching we once more head for North. View back to Spoa

Only a few years ago, the road was cut out of the mountain slope. In the years before, Olympos only could be reached by boat.

After a small saddle the first view ...

 ... to Olympos. Deep thermic clouds on the summits - the strong wind drives the humid air up where the moisture condensates. Not enough for rain though.

Being visited by many tourists, the village has a thoroughly tiled main route with many shops - everybody wants to get his or her "piece of the tourist cake".

As everywhere in greece, also here churches in excess. Most of them are wonderfully decorated inside, even if very tiny.

Upstairs in the village ...

 ... and a little bit outside. The houses were built on a saddle, the way up from the sea is steep and strenuous - as a protection against pirate attacks in former days.

Viewing South along the West coast.

Another small, remote church.

The main church and its priest.

A house with a view, pretty decorated.

On the top of the ridge there are many old, disused windmills.

View back to the road, leading further to Diafani on the East coast, where ships are landing.

View from the roof terrace of a small restaurant, where we are having a coffee.

An airy spiral chaircase leading down.

On the way back

One´s entrance and his neighbour´s roof - in an equal height.

Another small church.

We have driven further, for a short stop at Mesochori, situated about 100 m above the west coast.

Our rented car is parked above this overhanging rock.

Next stop at Levkos, to be precise: Kato Levkos, a small coast hamlet beneath the main village. Four beautiful beaches are inviting to bath, so we take several hours´ stop at beach number 2.

Beach number 4 is the largest one, but here as nearly everywhere, it is not so easy to enter the sea: beneath the water line there are slippery rock ledges.

Beach number 3 is the smallest one.

Rocks besides the beaches.

Shortly behind Levkos the slopes rise up to the summit of Kali Limni (1.215 m). My plan to walk up there early in the morning next day is abandoned due to the persistent mist.

Waves at the beach

Panoramic picture of Levkos beach number 3 and 4. Kali Limni in behind, wrapped in clouds. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Many new houses in this lovely countryside. No town athmosphere however like in Pigadia.

Sea daffodills (Pancratium maritimum).

Rocks near the beach

Rock samphire (Crithmum maritimum)

Beach number 2

Interesting rock stratification, modelled by wind and winter rain.

Panoramic view over Beach number 2 near Levkos, with the others in behind. Click here or into the picture for a larger version..

Information on Karpathos nature, if anyone is interested.

Further drive heading for Arkasa

Another stop at Finiki.

A tiny boat haven and a good tavern.

View over the cove to Arkasa.

I walk up the rock to the church above the hamlet. Panoramic view from here over the cove till Arkasa. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

View from Finiki to the North, along the western coast of Karpathos.

View to the south to Arkasa.

The southwestern neighbouring island of Kasos.

Zooming n on Kasos.

One more view to the North

What remains now is: look for a good place on a rock and wait for the sunset.