1.8.2013 - A day in the hotel

The hotel Electra Beach is situated in the Northern outskirts of Pigadia (Karpathos), the principal town of the island, on a sand beach of the cove, by the way, the only place where you get sand on the shallow sea ground too, whereas in most other places, you have to walk on coarse rubble or slippery rock slabs, both not very convenient.

Our room is up to the street - intentionally, because it is cheaper and anyway most of our time we spend down at the pool or beach. Date palms are seaming the hotel entrance.

The Hotel pool - with a view to the sea.

Besides the pool, there is a small bar where you can buy refreshments and small dihses.

View to the North over the Pigadia cove - several more kilometers of sand beach.

View to the South to the centre of Pigadia

Another small bar at the beach.

Our hotel as seen in Google Earth ...

 ... and from the Hotel garden. We set up our beds under the olive trees far right.

View from the pool to Pigadia and the harbour.