24.7.2008 Bicycle ride around Lake Ossiach

Today, the weather is still cool, but sunny. Best weather for a bicycle tour. So we start for a ride around Lake Ossiach, about 28 km.

Sadly, the lake shore is privately owned to near 100 %. So, you only come close to the water near the jetties (alternativly, you can attend one of the public bathing places)

Lake panorama from the jetty near St. Urban. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

First houses of Ossiach on the opposite site.

The liner on its way.

Near the head of the lake, on the southern shore of the eastern part. Large fields here, but everywhere the shore is not open to the public.

View from the jetty at the monastery of Ossiach over the western part of Lake Ossiach.

Zooming into the picture above: Dobratsch (2.166 m) with the radio- and TV - antenna of the official Austrian Radio and TV (ORF)

Do you think it is raining? ...

 ... I donīt think so.

Come on ...

May I introduce you to a new zoological species: The common crocosheil!

Stunning view over the lake from near Ostriach.

On the western end of the lake. Opposite is the village of Annenheim, where we have found accomodation. Behind are the steep, 1.000 m high slopes of the Kanzelhoehe (1.466 m), with the cablecar. To its right is Gerlitzen (1.909 m), the summit of which cannot be seen from here.

Near the foot of Lake Ossiach as seen from the jetty of Saint Andre.

Back in Annenheim. As an exception, you have a glimpse from the lakeside road to the lake and on the ruined castle of Landskron in behind. To the right behind are the mountasins of Karawanken (making up the border to Slowenia). Mittagskogel is hidden behind the castle.