4.2.2013: A short walk to Lake Faak

Today, we were skiing in bright sunshine on the Three Nationsī corner. Coming back early afternoon, there is time enough for a short round walk to Lake Faak.

Oberaichwald, and the view to Ferlacher Spitze and Mittagskogel.

The view to the lake is impaired by the trees.

The parking space of a private house is the only place I can find with a reasonyble view to the partly frozen lake.

The attempt to reach the shore of the lake is largely prohibited by the fact, that the shore is completely private land - houses and small huts for bathing.  It is a shame, how thsi part of Carinthia is completely sold out to tourists, second house - owners and other rich people who have enough money to muy this extremely expensive land. Carinthia is prostituting itself to those people. A strong reason to never come here for a bathing holiday. A sold-out lake is completely uninteresting. Bullshit, I donīt give a damn about it, Iīm not going to see the water (or the ice) from close.Even the local public bathing beach is closed - wouldnīt do much harm to the area if people stroll along the water there.

The route leads me back through Latschach - Ferlacher Spitze and Mittagskogel are dominating the scene here too.

Last evening sun on Mittagskogel.

On 5.2. we are skiing, but the weather is overcast, so I donīt take the camera with me. On the 6th, I take part in a guided ski tour, mainly to get familiar with the gear. Snowing that densely, it is no use taking the camera with me. I giot drenched anyway.