20.5.2013 - A Walk in Bad Kleinkirchheim

The weather is forecast rather unstable, so I join the family in a short morning walk to Bad Kleinkirchheim.

It is cool and windy, but sunny at the moment.

Clouds are drawing fast though.

Near the entrance of a big hotel

The church of Kathrein was erected in 1492 on the place of a thermal spring, which can be seen inside the crypt of the church.

On the way back to our hotel ...

 ... I branch off at the end to a beautiful path along  ...

 ... the beck..

Wild sprawling vegetation at an altitude of 1.050 m.

Forgetmenot ...

 ... and dandelion ...

 ... are growing in masses here.

Wet places with flourishing king cups - about 4 weeks later as compared to Winzendorf.

Shortly thereafter, rain set in, so I draw back into the wellness area of my beautiful hotel.