Johannesbachklamm - St. John´s beck gorge 1.8.2018

Another extremely hot day, and we take refuge with our two dogs in the cool Johannesbachklamm - the English name woudl be "St. John´s beck gorge".

Still rather hot at the entrance of the gorge.

On the slope,  purple cyclamen (Cyclamen purpurascens) is in full flower.

Shade in the forest near the beck.

The virtual gorge starts at this bridge.

More purple cyclamen (Cyclamen purpurascens).

More purple cyclamen (Cyclamen purpurascens).

From here on, it is several °C cooler.

Well constructed path.

In the upper part of the gorge.

We proceed a bit outside the gorge, as long as the path (or forest gravel road, respectively) is in shadow. After this point, we turn back.

On the way back the dogs are allowed to play in the water extensively.

Wonderful small cascades - click here or into the picture to see a short video.


Bella is chasing sticks from the water. Click here or into the picture to see a short video.

Lucy has joined too; now, both dogs are wet.