25.5.2016: (Bodø - Ørnes) - Nesna - Sandnessjøen - Brønnøysund - (Rørvik).

A second time we put on in Nesna. Today, it is cloudy, but it stays dry.

Soon thereafter, the ridge of the 7 sisters of Sandnessjøen can be seen.

In front of the mountains the city of Sandnessjøen, whee we will put on.

A big bridge to the east - the Helgelandsbrua over the Leirfjord



We stay here for 30 minutes. I go out and walk a short leg up a narrow hill near the Nessgåta. From here, you get a nice view to the Helgelandsbrua and tothe mountains of the Leirfjord peninsula behind.

Panoramic picture of the short fjord Sandnesvågen and to the 7 sisters of Sandnessjøen. Click here or into the pictures for a larger display.

A tiny place of nature containing some nice wild flowers. I cannot identify this saxifrage with certainty, but as to my opinion it is a tufted saxigfrage (Saxifraga cespitosa, Saxifraga groenlandica). This species mostly grows in arctic countries.

However, the wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa) is widespread at home too - but flowers come out at least a month earlier.

On the way back I pass the ferry station ...

 ... and a new built indoor swimming pool  - including an adventure area with a water slide.

Back on the ship.

A ferry has put on ...

 ... and leaves a few minutes later.

A training is held on our ship.

They train lowering the lifeboat into the water.

The captain watches the procedure.

Back on sea ...

 ... along the suburbs of Sandnessjøen.

On the right (opposite) side Donnmannen (858 m) and Lisstinden (736 m), far left Litltinden (670 m)

Panoramic picture of the 7 sisters von Sandnessjøen. Click here or into the pictures for a larger display.

Three of the 7 sisters

Arrived near the end of the ridge, we can see the summits threaded behind each other ...

 ... and from the south you only can see one mountain -the Stortinden.

A bit hazy today.

Heading for Brønnøysund.

Tankship, with the Vevelstad ridge in behind (with summits up to 1.000 m)

Approaching Brønnøysund.

Dozens of skerries offshore.

The bridge over the Brønnøy sound near the town of Brønnøysund


Sailing into the harbour of Brønnøysund

In the background, the hat-formed contour the Torghatten.

Skerries never ending.

Nice houses on the skerries, some of them only available with boat.

All of Brønnøysund seems to be built on larger and smaller skerries. An 1 1/4 hours´ stay provides the opportunity for a slightly longer walk. It only takes me 10 minutes walk into the land to find myself facing the sea again: the shallow cove of Valen.

I enter a dead-end street, and to my surprise, at its end I find a small path through a wonderful birch forest ...

 ...  at its end leading to the cove again - with rocks and beach athmosphere "inmidst the land"

Houses at the opposite end of the cove.

Panoramic picture of the Valen cove at the outskirts of Brønnøysund. Click here or into the pictures for a larger display.

I enjoy the nature at this "In-land-coast"

Rose root (Rhodiola rosea)

Rose root (Rhodiola rosea)

Common Scurvygrass (cochlearia officinalis), a salt-adapted plant of the beaches.

Mats of scurvygrass - you can imagne that sometimes waves swash over that rock ...

Rose root (Rhodiola rosea)

Back in Brønnøysund and Daffodills near the landing stage.

Our ship.

The Brønnøysund bridge with the Torghatten ...

 ... and from the opposite side.

Numerous skerries on the south side too.


Der Torghatten is shrouded in legend.

We partially circle the mountain, ...

 ... and the captain brings our ship in the right position, ...

 ... to see the big hole in the mountain.

It is an old shore-cave washed out by the waves during the time after the ice age, when the land was much deeper.

Light reflections in the large sound.

The landscape then gets a bit monotonous on our journey through the Torg fjord, so we spend the evening with the dinner and afterwards at the bar.