22.5.2016: (Vardø - Vadsø) - Kirkenes - Vardø - Batsfjord - Berlevag

In the morning, we arrive at 9 a.m. in Kirkenes. A short view out of the window - grey in grey, deep clouds, drizzle - shows us, that there is no hurry for the planned walk to the town. So, we go first for an extended breakfast and afterwards we walk a bit into the town.

This signpost shows, how far Kirkenes is away from the "rest of the civilisation".

However, it seems that the Norwegians have a it overdone, as a view into the route planner of the ÖAMTC shows. Maybe their route always leads through Norway, which is a detour.

The large "main square" of Kirkenes ...

 ... with a monument of war mothers. In 1944, German soldiers, after many weeks of Russian bombing, have left the city, burning down nearly every remaining house.

The "Kirke" (church) of Kirkenes

A view to the Varanger fjord. This is the only part of the Hurtigruten route that is frozen in winter - the gulf stream does not reach till here. Ice breakers have to make free the way for the Hurtigruten ships.

Snowmobiles for sale - like cars elsewhere.

After an a bit rough passage we are approaching Vardø

Harbour entrance of Vardø.



View along the Bats fjord out to the open sea. A grey day, that invites to sleep. Without any hurry, we go for dinner and a tea at the bar in the seventh floor.